Anticipation is building for 2023 Proflora show

Colombia’s premier international flower trade show Proflora is back for its first in-person event in four years at the Corferias convention centre in Bogotá between 4-6 October 2023. Visitors are encouraged to register now at Registration – Proflora so they can enter the show swiftly and make the most of everything on offer.

The excitement surrounding Proflora’s return is palpable, with the exhibition hall completely sold out. 80 per cent of the area is represented by flower growers and breeders, the remaining 20 per cent is dedicated to suppliers and service providers. From more than 18 countries worldwide, these industry leaders will present their latest products, innovative solutions, and cutting-edge technologies, making Proflora a global hub for the flower trade.

With over 7,000 professional visitors and buyers expected to attend from more than 60 countries, Proflora 2023 is set to be an international gathering of unprecedented scale. Attendees will be amazed of the diverse of flowers and foliage, showcasing an exquisite tapestry of colors, shapes, and scents. From industry veterans to emerging businesses, everyone will find opportunities to establish new connections, forge partnerships, and expand their horizons.

Proflora is not just a trade show; it serves as a catalyst for new business opportunities and the continuous development of the global floriculture industry. The event fosters an environment where professionals can exchange ideas, learn about best practices, and explore social, environmental, and economic initiatives inspired by the beauty of flowers. The agenda is brimming with engaging activities, including visits to flower farms, the prestigious Outstanding Variety Competition, an awards ceremony, and culminating with an unforgettable closing party celebrating the 30th anniversary of Proflora.

The show organisers are thrilled to announce the return of Proflora, which they tout as ‘the most amazing flower trade show in the world’.

They stress that Proflora is not just a platform to showcase the finest flowers and innovative products; it is a celebration of the industry’s accomplishments and a testament to its bright future.

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