AIPH is responsible for approving the world’s most exceptional horticultural exhibitions

AIPH is an International Non-Profit Association registered in Brussels and operating in the United Kingdom. The role of AIPH is defined within the AIPH Regulations for International Horticultural Exhibitions and in accordance with the Charter and Regulations of AIPH.

In accordance with Article 4.B.2 of the International Convention Relating to International Exhibitions, (The Paris Convention, establishing the BIE, signed in Paris on November 22nd, 1928, and Supplemented by the Protocols of May 10th, 1948, November 16th, 1966, November 30th, 1972 and the Amendment of June 24th, 1982 and the Amendment of May 31st, 1988) AIPH has been given international responsibility for the approval of international horticultural exhibitions.

Since the 1960s, we are proud to have approved over 50 Horticultural Exhibitions and have supported the Expo movement worldwide.

Expo regulations are one of the mechanisms set up by AIPH to help Expo organizers succeed and ensure high standards.

AIPH Expo Regulations are approved following the recommendations of the AIPH Board and the decision of AIPH Members. They include requirements to reduce complexity in Expo design, planning and operation and achieve Expos’ sustainability. They are regularly updated based on the expertise of AIPH as well as the best practices of other mega-events.

Expo Regulations

Expo Categories Expo Approval Process Organiser's Guide for International Horticultural Exhibitions


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