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countries have signed the plant health treaty - International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC)


The farmgate value of ornamentals in China increased from €8 billion in 2006 to nearly €20 billion in 2016


people expected to attend horticulture expos in the next 5 years

AIPH is proud to have approved and supported over 50 International Horticultural Exhibitions since 1960

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The AIPH International Grower of the Year (IGOTY) Awards 2022 Opens for Entries

The International Grower of the Year (IGOTY) Awards 2022, organised by the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH), is now open for entries. The award ceremony will be held in…

Climate screens play prominent role in Dutch organic vegetables growing

VOORNE-PUTTEN, Netherlands: Dutch based Bio Kwekerij Frank de Koning is a modern biodynamic greenhouse business growing bell peppers, cucumbers and several other organically grown greenhouse crops. Crop manager Wim van…

Growing trees is not as instant as 3D printing

Maurizio Lapponi is a tree grower from Mantova, Italy and previously served as President of the European Nurserystock Association (ENA). We, the tree growers from Italy, believe that the United…

ryan irving

How the pandemic is reframing the future for Dutch greenhouse builders

New greenhouses, mostly glass, have recently been going up at the rate of around 3,500ha a year – and the area is expected to grow by a further 50 per…

Annie van de Riet, president of AVAG

Webinar to address horticultural industry peat use and developing Sustainable Growing Media

DIDCOT, UK: Find out what the global industry thinks and join in the conversation on 18 May in the ‘Sustainable Growing Media’ webinar from 3pm to 4.30pm CEST. Register, free-of-charge…

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“Our great hope is for a world where the essential value of plants is recognised and reflected in every step forward for humanity. AIPH is, and will always be, the world’s champion for the power of plants. Our relationship with nature was pivotal in our past. It is fundamental to our future.”

Tim Briercliffe, Secretary General, AIPH

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