Flower Auction Market Group

Flower Auction Markets provide a mechanism for flower and plant growers from around the world to access the market

Flower Auction Market Group
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The group was first established in 2017 in Taichung by AIPH and other enterprising and visionary operatives who foresaw the need for an international network of independent flower auction markets.

Members include: the Netherlands (Royal FloraHolland), Chinese Taipei (Taipei, Taichung, Changhua and Ornamental Plant Cooperative), The Netherlands (Plantion), Canada (United Flower Growers Vancouver and Flower Growers Ontario), Japan (OTA) and Brazil (Holambra).

The value of flowers and plants traded through members of the AIPH Flower Auction Market Group is approximately €12 billion per year.

Understanding commonalities and differences helps members understand each other better and forge relationships. The group will pursue its goals through specialised annual meetings, the global collection and registration of data and a survey of flower auction markets, to improve understanding of each business strategy and identify areas where close collaboration can be beneficial.

The Flower Auctions Market Group will promote the essential role that flower auction markets play in ensuring sustainable access, availability and distribution of a wide range of quality flowers and plants, whilst maintaining competitive prices and the highest standards of service, throughout the international community. The group will support flower auction markets in facing the ongoing challenges of modernisation and service provision.

As the number of such auction markets has increased it is clear that many are facing the same issues and challenges as they respond to a developing market and globalization. AIPH has taken the initiative to establish a forum that can be of use to flower auction market operators.

The group brings together market operators to:

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Did you know?

Value of flowers and plants traded through members of the Flower Auction Market Group is approximately €12b/year.

“It was worthwhile meeting colleagues from around the world. We share many similar challenges and issues. A common theme is technology and innovation to create more selling options for growers and access for customers. Commitment from growers is also necessary and auctions have different strategies for gaining this.”

Bob Pringle, CEO United Flower Growers, Canada

“By recognising our differences we can also establish how we can collaborate and reach very constructive outcomes.”

Ryoji Kato, Executive Officer and Manager of President Office

“It was great to meet other people in the industry and learn how auction houses in different parts of the world operate.”

Jack VanderMaas, General Manager, Ontario Flower Growers

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