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AIPH Expo Support Programme

AIPH ensure Expos are successful through a defined approval and monitoring process and through regulating the number of permitted Expos. For an overview of available dates take a look at the Bidding Calendar.

Through our Committee for Exhibitions, we ensure that approved exhibitions benefit growers and visitors alike by inspiring greater appreciation of ornamental plants. Drawing on the experience acquired over generations, we provide organisers with expert guidance to create world-class spectacles that live long in the memory.

The process and timescales for making an application to host an international horticultural exhibition are defined in the AIPH Regulations for each category.

AIPH provides constant support at each stage of the expo planning, preparation, staging and closing. For an overview of the whole expo process please refer to the Organiser’s Guide for International Horticultural Exhibitions.

The A1/B Expo timeline follows the following scheme illustrated below, with the exception of the BIE recognition for B category Expos. At each of the steps, AIPH provides guidance and support.

Expo Categories Expo Regulations Organiser's Guide to hosting an expo Download Expo Application Guide


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Successful expos will:

Increase global appreciation for horticulture in terms of its benefits to individuals and societies.
Stimulate the increased use of plants to improve the health and wellbeing of society, the enhancement of the environment and the strengthening of economies.
Clearly demonstrate society’s need for horticulture and the role it plays in linking people with their environment.
Bring together horticultural excellence from different countries to promote the best knowledge and practice from all over the world and to celebrate cultural and horticultural diversity.
Promote the concept of the Green City.

From economic impact and sustainability to driving tourism and enhancing reputation, the benefits of holding an exhibition are far reaching

Organiser’s Guide for International Horticultural Exhibitions

A guide to the planning and organisation of an international horticultural exhibition


Expos Committee

Mr. Kevin Chung (TFDA, Chinese Taipei)

Vice Chair
Mr. Takuhiro Yamada, Japan

Mr. Tim Briercliffe (AIPH)