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International Horticultural Expos have shaped entire city areas for many decades, not just for the Expo duration but many years afterwards. Find out more about the benefits here.

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Blooming Economies & Cities to Inspire the World – September 2023 Edition brings up-to-date statistics from recent Expos hosted in Asia and Europe.

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How two International Horticultural Expos helped Suncheon’s green transformation

Suncheon is a small town with a population of 280,000 in the southern part of the Republic of Korea. The city possesses beautiful natural environments like the wetlands of Suncheon Bay, where the South Sea of the Pacific Ocean and the Dongcheon River waters meet and create vast mud flats and reed fields.

The main problem before 2013 was that Suncheon was known more as an industrial city, with a history of disagreement between some citizens wanting to develop Suncheon Bay for industrial expansion and those who wished to preserve it. However, after hosting two AIPH International Garden Expositions in 2013 and 2023, Suncheon has transformed and is now referred to in the following ways: an eco-friendly city, an ecological city, and a garden city that citizens adore.

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The current report is a combination of case studies, statistical data and external academic research. We have analysed the final reports of Expos, and conducted interviews with representatives of Expo Organisers, government bodies and private sector projects continuing as Expos’ legacy.

The report was created by:

Elena Terekhova, MA in Management of International Organisations, SDA Bocconi. Elena is AIPH International Relations Manager since 2019, working to advance International Horticultural Expos, sustainability and the power of plants worldwide. She oversees monitoring of Horticultural Expos, develops services, advice and resources for Expo Organisers as well as partnerships with other major events and organizations to represent AIPH and the Horticultural Expo Movement.

Van Tran, Master in Marketing Management, IÉSEG School of Management. Van is AIPH Exhibitions Officer since 2023, supporting and monitoring International Horticultural Expos to promote sustainability, green cities and power of plants. She collaborates with Expo Organisers to advance communication, elevate awareness of AIPH-approved Expos, ensure regulatory adherence, and contribute to the growth of the Expo Support Programme.

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