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Healthy, successful, liveable urban spaces

Our vision

We aim to develop an international standard for green cities as well as being a focal point for green city best practice and a source of expertise.
Through world activities, research and marketing, and shared resources we seek to inspire people, organisations, city councils and government administrations to join this challenging movement and reap the benefits.

Latest in Green City

AIPH Green City Conference to showcase urban greening in arid climates

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Connecting people with living green for healthier cities

Living green has a crucial role to play in developing liveable cities by contributing to social, cultural, environmental, physical, and…

Young International Grower of the Year Winner Joins the Youth Jury for the AIPH Youth Award

AIPH and GYBN are proud to announce that the winner of the coveted Young International Grower of the Year Award…

We lead global thinking on the successful integration of nature into the built environment

Through Green City we promote the essential role of plants in creating vibrant urban areas in which people and businesses can thrive. Our environment, human wellbeing, social cohesion and economies are all improved by intelligently designed green space.

Did you know?

Already, 55% of the world’s population live in cities, and United Nation statisticians predict that this will increase to 68% by 2050.

This increase in population will require expansion in area, and in many parts of the world this will be into biodiversity hotspots. Cities need to incorporate nature as part of dedicated conservation efforts, and as part of their own sustainability and resilience.

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Latest AIPH International Green City Conference

Greening Cities for Sustainable Development

Involvement of the Ornamental Horticulture Industry in Green City programmes and projects. was the focus of the 2023 AIPH Green City Conference on 20 September.

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The AIPH Green City Intiative promote awareness of the urgent need for urban greening. With a unique global network and platform, AIPH is able to share valuable knowledge and best practices to advance the realisation of a greener planet