Green City Briefings

The Green City Briefings are free webinars that investigate how green city principles can be practically applied and the benefits of doing so.

The Green City Briefings began in 2021 with a series of eight webinars, supported by the City of London and the Worshipful Company of Gardeners. These sessions presented compelling evidence and examples of the power of ‘living green’ in delivering multiple solutions to city challenges. The focus of this series was on adapting to climate change. Topics included: green roofs and walls, nature-based solutions for water management, urban heat island effect, air-quality, and more.

A second series of briefings began in 2022, thanks to the support of Expo 2023 Doha, Qatar and The Worshipful Company of Gardeners. This series focusses more closely on specific cities and how practice creates transformational change. Each webinar also features experts describing the greening principles that benefit the city, its residents, and nature.

Montréal, Canada
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