About the International Vision Project

AIPH’s International Vision Project (IVP) sets out to identify the future drivers and inhibitors that influence global ornamental horticultural production

This project enables the industry to anticipate changing consumer behaviour, evolving demand and the implications for production of ornamentals. AIPH is publishing a series of reports and workbooks to undertake the first steps to define a vision for production and demand in the global ornamentals industry. These publications assess the threats and opportunities of the ornamentals value chain in a specific geographic area or market segment.

The findings can help the industry to develop adequate policy arrangements to help optimise future trade flows. Industry players can use the results to support their businesses and market intelligence, to explore future markets and consumer segments.

It is already clear that change in demand and production is inevitable. In the next few decades a variety of macro-factors will cause consumers to live different lives from the generations before them. They will develop different behaviour leading to different purchasing decisions which are likely to impact the demand for ornamentals thus raising the question of whether the industry should reposition itself. The paradox between increasing urbanisation and human’s innate connection with nature holds the greatest opportunity for future growth in the industry.

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“AIPH positions this research as an organic project that must gradually grow and ripen over the course of time. We are always looking to extend the community of contributors to this research with individuals from all sorts of backgrounds and interests.”

Bernard Oosterom, President, AIPH