AIPH Membership

AIPH welcomes the membership of grower organisations that represent professional growers of ornamental plants and landscapers, as well as any business or organisation, with an interest and involvement in ornamental horticulture

If you wish to be considered for full or affiliate membership you are required to complete and return an application form, in English, to AIPH Secretary General, Tim Briercliffe at [email protected]. Please ensure the named contacts can speak, read, and understand the English language. Your application will be considered at the next AIPH General Meeting.

Full Membership

Open to organisations that represent the interests of growers and/or landscape businesses.

Benefits of Full Membership:

  • Access to a network of associations representing ornamental horticulture from all over the world.
  • Sharing of information and best practice between similar organisations at meetings and online.
  • Access to the latest developments in the trade.
  • Involvement in initiatives for the promotion of flowers, plants, and the green landscape worldwide such as the Green City.
  • Increasing the benefits from plant breeders rights and working together to protect the industry.
  • Joint lobbying of international organisations on subjects including pesticides, plant health, invasive plants, and other environmental issues.
  • Access to the latest statistical data on worldwide production and trade in ornamental plants and flowers.
  • Opportunity to enter candidates for the annual AIPH International Grower of the Year competition.
  • Opportunity to seek approval for hosting international horticultural exhibitions.
  • Annual Membership fee: €1,500

    + VAT if applicable

    Your application will be considered at the next AIPH General Meeting.

    Affiliate Membership

    Open to any business or organisation, with an interest and involvement in ornamental horticulture. Affiliate members can include businesses that supply the horticulture industry like manufacturers, young plant suppliers and breeders, consultants, media, individual grower/landscape businesses, landscape architects/designers, research establishments, horticultural expo participants and many more.

    Benefits of Affliate Membership:

  • Access to ornamental plant growers worldwide, offering you insight into international developments in the production and trade of ornamental plants.
  • Contact with industry associations and trade bodies in 19 major producing countries and regions in the world creating a global network of knowledgeable and influential parties.
  • Invitations to AIPH meetings and discussions on global horticultural industry issues, where you can voice your views on the development of regulations and policies and be heard.
  • Opportunities to promote your business/organisation through AIPH meetings, events, and media that will put you directly in front of your target audience.
  • Opportunities to attend VIP tours of AIPH approved international horticultural exhibitions, that will inspire and enlighten you on current horticultural trends.
  • Discounts on attendance at AIPH events and publications enabling you to utilise valuable resources and information.
  • Annual Membership fee: €500

    + VAT if applicable

    Your application will be considered at the next AIPH General Meeting.

    AIPH Members

    Dansk Gartneri
    Horticultural Trades Association
    Irish Hardy Nursery Stock Association
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    Zentralverband Gartenbau Logo
    Nederlandse Tuinbouwraad
    VBN Logo
    KAVB Logo
    JardinSuisse Logo
    ANVE Logo
    LTO Vakgroep Bomen en vaste planten
    Union of Flower Growers and Florists
    Hungarian Ornamental Horticulturists Association
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    ACHO Logo
    FCG Logo
    American Hort Logo
    Cooperative Veiling Holambra
    OAIB Logo
    Ministry of Municipality and Environment
    Logo of Beijing Flower Association
    Japan Landscape Contractors Association
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    Korea Florist Association
    GLA Logo
    Asosiasi Logo
    Horticultural Research Institute, Department of Agriculture
    Tanzania Horticultural Association

    Be a part of this growing international association

    AIPH is expanding its activity in the following areas affecting the horticulture industry:

  • Promotion of the health, environmental, social and wellbeing benefits of plants in cities through the AIPH Green City initiatives including annual conferences and information exchange.
  • Promotion and approval of international horticultural exhibitions.
  • Promoting best practice through a new-look ‘International Grower of the Year’ awards programme.
  • Annual publication of global industry production and trade.
  • Promoting the importance of Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) and lobbying UPOV for fair treatment of growers involved in plant breeding.
  • More opportunities for countries to share plant promotion ideas and initiatives and collaborate.
  • International information sharing on key environmental topics including plant health, water, certification and pesticides.
  • Sharing and communication of horticultural research and development.