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The AIPH World Green City Awards 2022 are designed to champion ambitious nature-orientated approaches to city design and operation. Specifically, it recognises public initiatives relying on a greater use of plants and nature to create better city environments – helping to fulfil local aspirations for improved economic, social and environmental resilience.

Through the awards the world recognises the role of city authorities in promoting and supporting greater inclusion of nature and plants in urban environments. The awards bring global recognition to the value of plants in providing solutions for common city problems, and create an enabling environment to shape and nurture a strategic shift in city governance/planning.

The AIPH World Green City Awards is an ongoing competition, with entries open every 2 years, allowing approximately 18 months from the call for entries to the awards ceremony. Cities are invited to enter, and the winners are announced at special gala event awards ceremonies. Winners may also be invited to showcase their greening projects at an AIPH approved International Horticultural Expo.
The AIPH World Green City Awards is an international competition that cities enter to:
  • Gain recognition for the greening they have done and the benefits of this
  • Promote their city at an international level
  • Inspire other cities to become greener
  • Demonstrate that their city is highly desirable to live and work in
  • Improve the health of citizens
  • Increase job opportunities
  • Stimulate stronger regulation requiring greening
  • Stimulate economic development
World Green City Awards 2022 Logo

About the competition


Awards categories

Awards are offered in 6 categories, with a final selection made from a shortlist of three category winners, and with one overall AIPH World Green City winner. More details.

Judging Criteria

Award entries will be assessed on the basis of five evaluation criteria.

Cities submitting an entry will be provided with detailed documents that describe the evaluation process. More details.


How to enter

Entries will consist of a written statement, made in English, through an online portal and may be complemented by supporting evidence such as images, videos, publications (e.g. copy of a report), letters of support (e.g. from partners). More details.


Frequently asked questions.

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World Green City Awards 2022 Logo

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