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The AIPH World Green City Awards are designed to champion ambitious nature-orientated approaches to city design and operation. Specifically, they seek to recognise public initiatives relying on a greater use of plants and nature to create better city environments – helping to fulfil local aspirations for improved economic, social and, environmental resilience.

The 2024 edition of the AIPH World Green City Awards is offered in seven categories, with three finalists in each category from which one category winner is selected, and with one Grand Winner chosen from the seven category winners.

Previous Winners

Call for Applications for the AIPH Youth Award Jury

New to the 2024 edition is the Youth Award, held in partnership with the Global Youth Biodiversity network (GYBN).

The AIPH Youth Award will be decided by a new Youth Jury, whose compilation will be led by GYBN. The AIPH Youth Award is not a category – instead, all entries that are selected as finalists in each of the seven categories will be eligible for this Award. The AIPH Youth Award will be presented at the 2024 Awards ceremony alongside the AIPH World Green City Awards 2024 Category Winners and is envisaged to be an integral part of each future edition going forward.

All youth with a passion for building greener, healthier, and more resilient cities are invited to apply.

About the AIPH Youth Award Apply to join the Jury

About the competition

Awards categories

Awards are offered in 7 categories, with 3 finalists and a category winner being selected in each category, and with 1 Grand Winner selected from the 7 category winners. More details.

Judging Criteria

Award entries will be assessed on the basis of six evaluation criteria.

Cities submitting an entry will be provided with detailed documents that describe the evaluation process. More details.

Step-by-step Guide

For your convenience, AIPH has prepared a step-by-step guide for entering the Awards. You can find it here.

How to enter

Cities register a profile on the entry submission portal and complete the online entry form, in English, which consists of a series of questions in line with the judging criteria and may be complemented by supporting evidence such as images, videos, publications (e.g. copy of a report), letters of support (e.g. from partners). More details.


For your convenience, a list of Frequently Asked Questions is available. Frequently asked questions.

Rules and Procedures

Please find the Rules and Procedures document here.

Awards Partners

Media Partners

The AIPH World Green City Awards is the first and only global awards for cities where plants and nature are the core focus. As an ongoing competition with entries open every 2 years, the Awards recognise the role of city authorities in promoting and supporting greater inclusion of plants and nature in urban environments.


The AIPH World Green City Awards is an international competition that cities enter to:
  • Gain recognition for the greening they have done and the benefits to their city
  • Promote their city at an international level.
  •  Inspire a global movement for greener cities.
  • Demonstrate that their city is highly desirable to live and work in.
  • Showcase how urban nature can improve the health of citizens, increase job opportunities, stimulate economic development, and strengthen greening regulations.
  • Demonstrate how ambitious local actions contribute to achieving global agendas.
By entering the AIPH World Green City Awards, cities stand a chance to:
  • Have their initiatives featured on the AIPH website and integrated to the case study library associated with the AIPH 2020 Green City Guidelines. All shortlisted entries will be featured.
  • Win an award certificate and a trophy. Winners can nominate key partners and key staff so that additional award certificates can be prepared in their name.
  • Gain global recognition and profiling opportunities, Winners will be promoted via AIPH and the World Green City Awards partners’ and sponsors’ media channels.
  • Have their city’s work displayed to a significant global audience in the AIPH pavilion of an AIPH International Horticultural Expo.
  • Receive up to 4 complimentary tickets to the gala event of the Awards ceremony for winners.

Sponsor the Awards

AIPH launched the World Green City Awards 2024 at the 2022 Awards ceremony gala dinner, which took place on the 14th October 2022 at a dedicated gala dinner held at the IUCN Leaders Forum in the Self-Governing Province of Jeju, Republic of Korea. It was at this auspicious occasion where the Certificates of Merit were presented to cities, the Highly Commended Certificates were presented to finalists, and where the category winners and Grand Winner were proudly announced.

The city of Hyderabad, India, was named as the 2022 Grand Winner and took home the highest accolade and most highly coveted award for their winning initiative titled: Green Garland to the State of Telangana.

Read the Case Study More about the 2022 Awards Watch the Awards Ceremony

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