Frequently Asked Questions

Girls on bicycles in the public park in Vilnius, Lithuania.

What makes an award-worthy entry?

The AIPH is looking to reward nature-orientated solutions that harvest the power of plants and associated ecosystems services to help address the major challenges facing cities today – or tomorrow. Specifically, we seek strategic initiatives that are bold, pursue a meaningful impact, are being successfully implemented, have potential to further scale or spread to other cities, and exemplify resilience in how they are conducted.

Does the initiative featured in my entry have to address a specific problem or issue?

Yes, and this will need to be clearly documented in your entry. You will also be asked to nominate up to two of the most relevant award categories you would like your entry to be considered for. For 2022, the six award categories are:

    • Living Green for Health and wellbeing: Addressing the medical, behavioural, and social determinants of health for residents.
    • Living Green for Climate change: Tackling the root causes and effects of climate change in order to build more liveable and resilient cities.
    • Living Green for Economic recovery and inclusive growth: Creating systems and solutions that allow all city residents to overcome economic distress and thrive.
    • Living Green for Biodiversity: Addressing the loss of species, habitats, ecosystems health and genetic diversity.
    • Living Green for Water: Ensuring water resources are protected and wisely used, with clean water available to all while also protecting residents from flooding risks.
    • Living Green for Social cohesion: Fostering belonging, trust and inter-generational as well as cross-cultural relationships to prevent exclusion, marginalisation and violence.

How many entries can each city submit?

There is no limit when it comes to the number of initiatives that a city/local authority can submit. However, each initiative must be submitted through a separate application. Additionally, any given initiative must be submitted only once.

Does an award application fee need to be paid?

No, participation to the award is entirely free. We are not charging an entry fee in recognition that cities will commit resources towards putting together the application.

We are not the local authority but have designed and delivered an initiative on behalf of the local, can we submit this work to the award?

No, the entry has to be submitted by the local authority, but they can do so in association with a key delivery partner who will then also be featured in the award recognition should the joint entry win.

What if the initiative featured in my entry is relevant in more than one of the six award categories?

This is a good thing! The greater the significance of the initiative and the wider its range of impacts, the better, since this something we take into account the entry evaluation process. These wide-ranging outcomes – whether fitting within the award categories, or reaching beyond – should be documented in the entry. However, any given initiative may only be put forward for an award in up to two categories. We recommend selecting categories for which you have compiled the best evidence of results.

Do I have to RSVP to participate?

Yes. All eligible cities must RSVP. Shortly after you RSVPed, you will receive additional information about the award submission process, including the application guidelines and an offline version of the award submission form.

The RSVP and offline application preparation process will be launched in June 2021.

In the meantime, we encourage you to express your interest by submitting your contact details here.

Does my city have to submit the application online?

Yes, all cities are required to put forward their submission through an online form. Eligible cities are required to RSVP to access the form. To assist with entry preparation, an offline version of the form will be made available ahead.

Once you have RSVPed, the AIPH will offer support in answering any questions you may have about your submission(s) and the award process.

What language can entries be submitted in?

English only.

I entered a submission, what’s next?

You will receive a notification from the AIPH acknowledging that your submission has been received.

All submission will be reviewed and evaluated after the deadline for submission (28 February 2022, 23:00 UTC).

AIPH will notify the contact person identified in the application by 31st March 2022 if your entry is shortlisted. Shortlisted entries may be asked to provide complementary information within 30 days.

The six category winners and the overall winner will be notified mid-July 2022 and invited to take part in the award ceremony at a gala event in the autumn of 2022.

What benefits does submitting an entry to the World Green City Award bring me/my local authority?

Benefits include:

    • Gaining recognition for the greening you have done and the benefits of this
    • Promoting your city at an international level
    • Inspiring other cities to become greener
    • Demonstrating that your city is highly desirable to live and work in
    • Improving the health of citizens
    • Increasing job opportunities
    • Stimulating stronger regulation requiring greening
    • Stimulating economic development
    • All shortlisted entries will be displayed in the AIPH pavilion of an International Horticultural Expo.
    • Shortlisted entries will also be featured on the AIPH’s website and eventually integrated to the case study library associated with the AIPH’s Green City Guidelines
    • Winners will receive an award certificate and a trophy. Winners can nominate key partners and key staff so that additional award certificates can be prepared in their name.
    • All shortlisted entries and winners will be promoted via AIPH and the World Green City Awards sponsors’ media channels.