Judging Criteria

Green architecture concept. Building exterior covered with plants in modern city

Award entries will be assessed on the basis of six evaluation criteria:

  • Vision: the initiative should be bold and include a fresh new model for using and/or delivering nature-orientated solution(s).
  • Significance: the initiative should be designed to address a serious local problem or set of problems.
  • Implementation: the initiative should have achieved or be well on its way to achieving its stated objective(s) and/or desirable outcomes.
  • Learning and Transferability: the initiative should have generated some learning content or mechanisms that enable enhanced local practice in the future and/or offer potential for customised replication in other cities.
  • Measuring and Reporting Impact: The initiative should demonstrate progress in response to monitoring, measuring, and reporting on its outcomes, impact, and success at various scales.
  • Resilience: The initiative should be mindful of its impact on the planet and of its ability to be sustained over time.

Cities submitting an entry will be provided with detailed application guidelines that describe further the evaluation process and the way in which entries will be scored against each of the five judging criteria.

Technical panel

Award entries will be judged by a multidisciplinary, international technical panel with an advanced knowledge of Green City principles. The Technical Panel will score each entry against the evaluation criteria and select up to three finalists in each award category. The Technical Panel may also nominate impressive and innovative entries that are not included as finalists for receipt of Certificates of Merit.


The prestigious Jury will consist of members drawn from internationally recognised City, Nature, and Sustainability focused organisations. From the list of finalists presented by the technical panel, the Jury will select a winner in each category and a Grand Winner from the category winners. Jurors will be appointed for one round of awards at a time.

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