The Floral Conference – Miami to explore six key shifts shaping floral’s future

Savvy floral marketers will take a deep dive into six critical shifts that will influence the floral industry over the next three to five years. The Floral Conference – Miami, on 18 June 2024, from the International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) offers an interactive experience into the future of floral and how participants can leverage research to drive change and prosperity.

The conference connects the full floral supply chain with each other and with new information that drives success for their companies and the industry. IFPA worked with Kantar to understand consumer behavior and greater floral sales. “Our goal with this conference and this research is to offer actionable insights participants can use to grow their businesses,” said IFPA floral director Deb Zoellick.

“We wanted to give attendees access to future-facing opportunities for floral. Building on this research, they will explore these six key growth areas shaping their future. Through this interactive session, participants will discuss strategies to boost consumption.”

The six areas are:

  • Blossoming Everywhere: Tap new channels and partnerships to make sure flowers are always within reach of the shopper.
  • Flower Power: Use flowers as a natural way to combat anxiety and boost mood, helping people feel and perform their best.
  • Experience Ambassadors: Reimagine the role of the employee and create a long-term career path that rewards ambition and artistry.
  • Augmented Arrangements: Leverage digital tools to equip consumers with greater knowledge and insight.
  • Flowers for All: Reach out to untapped consumer groups and bring the beauty of flowers to a more diverse set of consumers.
  • Sustainable Stems: Provide compelling evidence of industry-wide commitment to sustainability through storytelling and clear-impact labeling.

“The Miami conference is the only place every link in the floral supply chain can come together and apply this research to today’s business,” Zoellick said. “When we match smart floral marketers with deep consumer insights, we can create the change that drives our industry forward.”

Registration for this limited-attendance conference is open, and hotel rooms are booking quickly.

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