International Horticultural Exhibition 2024 Chengdu opens in full bloom

The International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH) participated in the opening ceremony of the International Horticultural Exhibition 2024 Chengdu, alongside China’s Vice President Han Zheng, on Friday, 26 April, in Sichuan, China.

Expo Chengdu 2024 is expected to attract five million visitors from China and overseas. Vice-President Zheng stressed the importance of countries strengthening dialogue and cooperation in the field of ecological civilisation.

AIPH President Leonardo Capitanio.

In his opening speech for this AIPH-approved B category Expo, AIPH President Leonardo Capitanio said: “With the theme of ‘Park City, Beautiful Habitat,’ Expo 2024 Chengdu will bring the beauty and wonder of plants and flowers to millions. This Expo will emphasise the importance of the Green City, ecological development, and the role of plants in redefining liveable cities.

“AIPH is the International Association of Horticultural Producers. We are ‘the world’s champion for the power of plants’, and visitors to this Expo will see why plants matter as they become immersed in this horticultural wonder of the world. Not only will they experience gardens from around China, but they will also see gardens from around the world.”

He added: “We live in a world facing many challenges, not least the battle against climate change. AIPH firmly believes that horticulture will play an increasingly important role in enabling cities to adapt to changing climates and improving the health and well-being of citizens.”

Since 1960, AIPH International Horticultural Expos have reshaped cities, inspired visitors, and transformed the horticultural industry. AIPH approved this Expo in 2020.

China Flower Association President Jiang Zehui.

Madame Jiang Zehui, President of the China Flower Association and Chairperson of the Expo 2024 Chengdu Organising Committee, announced that Chengdu has been designated China’s first Park City. This designation demonstrates the Chinese government’s commitment to ecological development, which emphasises the importance of landscape harmony and improving the quality of life for all residents.

Mr Huang Qiang, Governor of the People’s Government of Sichuan Province and Chairperson of the Expo 2024 Chengdu Organizing Committee emphasised in his speech: “With the theme of Park City, Beautiful Habitat, Expo 2024 Chengdu represents mankind’s shared aspiration for a better ecological environment, a more liveable life, and green development.”


As part of the opening, students from Sichuan University Jinjiang College and pupils from Longquanyi Experimental Primary School participated in a colourful, choreographed display. Dancers came together to form a giant hibiscus flower gracefully blooming to the music.

Chengdu is famous for its Panda Breeding Research Centre and the internet-famous Hua Hua. Infants dressed in panda suits paid tribute to this four-year-old female giant panda, who has captured the hearts of millions worldwide.

The Expo’s emblem is also based on the outline of a panda’s head, incorporating various plant elements such as ginkgo, hibiscus, and golden bamboo.

Further performances featured a children’s Panda Choir, Peking opera, dance, and Chinese folk music.


Expo 2024 Chengdu was officially inaugurated in a spectacular visual display after the Opening Ceremony Expo Theme song.

Simultaneously, as the hibiscus display went into full bloom, ribbon-cutting ceremonies and performances were held at four Expo sub-venues in the Wenjiang, Pidu, Xinjin districts, and Qionglai City.


The Expo 2024 Chengdu Organising Committee is composed of the China Flower Association, the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, the People’s Government of Sichuan Province, the Chengdu Municipal Government, and the Chengdu Eastern New Area Administrative Committee, which oversees the development of the area and the Expo Park.

The Park for Expo 2024 Chengdu is 242,000 m² (242 hectares) and has five single buildings at its core.

Over 100 gardens spread out from the main venue, including the Flora Pavilion, Tianfu Habitat Exhibition Zone, and Park City Exhibition Zone, promising extraordinary visitor experiences, with each garden display telling a distinctive horticultural story.

Two days before the Expo’s Opening Ceremony, the International Grand Jury conducted the first assessment of participating gardens (33 international gardens, 28 Chinese city gardens, and 21 Sichuan city gardens). Grand Jury Chairman and AIPH Secretary General Tim Briercliffe said: “The Jury was impressed with the quality of the Participants’ pavilions and gardens showcasing the theme ‘Park City, Beautiful Habitat’. These gardens are full of outstanding horticulture; every visitor will be amazed when they see them.”

Some of the international cities and global industry associations that are participating include Montpellier, France; Manchester, UK; the International Bamboo and Rattan Organization; and Cornell Botanic Gardens in the United States.

To complement the floriculture and horticultural exhibitions, over 2,000 events and activities will be held, on average more than ten activities per day. These events and activities are expected to attract over five million visitors during the six months that the Expo 2024 Chengdu will open.

In addition to tourism, the Expo activities are also designed to help build an exchange platform for the Chinese and European flower industries and strengthen the flower industry’s research and innovation.

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