This year’s flower festival Koket Koksijde to take inspiration from Belgian painter Paul Delvaux

The municipality of seaside town Koksijde in association with Belgium’s iconic flower show Ghent Flower Show/Floralies of Ghent, have announced the second edition of Koket Koksijde, a floral design show occuring in and around Koksijde’s townhall between 19-23 September 2024.

This year’s marks the 30th anniversary of Paul Delvaux’s death. Paul Delvaux (1897-1994) was a Belgian painter who is famed for his dreamy portraits depicting female nudes, classical architecture, trains, and train stations. Belgian and international flower arrangers will pay a special tribute to the painter and his unique style.

Opening hours: 19-22 September: 10am – 10pm. On Monday 23 September: 10am – 6pm

For tickets and more information visit Koket Koksijde | 19-23 september 2024 | Toerisme Koksijde (


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