Chrysanthemums occupy pride of place at French Printemps Palladien flower show

More than 5,000 chrysanthemums created a rolling kaleidoscope of colour at Printemps Palladien, a flower festival held in the gardens surrounding the Palladian Villa de Syam nestled in the lush green Jura mountain range.

Held against the historic backdrop of  the Villa de Syam, the inaugural edition of Printemps Palladien took place between 11-12 May including floral art competitions, floral installations, workshops, a specialist plant fair, a food festival, and a horse show.

Printemps Palladien provided Chrysanthemum inspiration for florists.

More than 5,000 Chrysanthemums, representing the cream of  the Dutch Chrysanthemum crop, not only wowed the general public. They also provided florists, event planners and flower designers with plenty of inspiration on how to incorporate chrysanthemums in a wedding décor. Each variety on show offered a distinct burst of colour, shape, and size, together creating a stunning, picturesque landscape.

But these Chrysanthemums were more than just a feast for the eyes, explains Gaëtan Jacquet, a renowned florist and floristry trainer, and Printemps Palladien event organiser. “We thought about new ways to do flower shows. The event is meant to break new ground with its experiental design, educational programme and, awe-inspiring installations. We think the general public, the end consumer, plays a prominent role. Our task is to understand the customer and the products and services they desire.  So, Printemps Palladien is also here to reach and engage consumers.”

An absolute highlight of Printemps Palladien included giant, mono arrangements with a single flower type in the spotlight. Flower arrangers used Dutch-grown Chrysanthememum, sponsored by pr campaign ‘Just Chrysanthemum For the Win’, to create a ‘flying flower carpet’ . It looked somewhat like a piece of lawn lifted from the ground, emerging in moss green and gradually turning into orange and yellow shades matching the villa’s colourful façade.

Gaëtan Jacquet, a renowned florist and floristry trainer, and Printemps Palladien event organiser.

The show, approximately 4kms south of Champagnole on the road to Geneva, also included an ‘animal farm’ including fretwork horses, pigs and chicked cladded in disbudded, spray and santini chrysanthemums. “Chrysantemums are extremely versatile and robust flowers, ideal for home decorating and outdoors events alike,” said Jacquet.

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