Total Specific Solutions acquires Dutch software supplier Alfa Pro

Dutch-based Total Specific Solutions (“TSS”) announced on 1 December 2022, it has completed the acquisition of Alfa Pro, a supplier of software solutions and services for operators in the fresh produce market, primarily in the flower, plants, and fruit & vegetable sectors

Operators within the ornamental flower and other fresh produce sectors use Alfa Pro’s software solutions to support their daily processes for e-commerce, purchase, sales, logistics, invoicing, and administration.

Alfa Pro Next is a modern web-based ERP solution whereby clients can manage all their logistical, commercial, and administrative processes 24/7 through mobile, tablet, or computer. Alfa Pro Next also features a user-friendly webshop that includes the possibility for product photography, whereby you can add a product directly to your assortment using a mobile phone.

Joost van Haarlem, portfolio manager at TSS says, “With the acquisition of Alfa Pro, we add a very interesting company to TSS and extend our knowledge of the agricultural vertically. We already had software for tree nurseries and traders and can now add software for the trade in ornamental flower products to our expertise. Alfa Pro focuses primarily on the wholesale of horticulture and fresh produce market. The flower market is a very prominent industry in the Netherlands and one of our largest export products. Now that Alfa Pro has joined TSS, we can focus on providing that vertical with dedicated business software solutions.”

The previous owners, Cees van den Bosch, and Arie Lagerwerf, will stay involved with the company, but the division of responsibilities will shift somewhat. Cees will be the managing director of Alfa Pro and Arie will hand over certain duties but will remain commercially active and focus on customer relations.

Cees van den Bosch, managing director Alfa Pro notes, “During the past years, we have renewed our ERP and added a cloud-based version for the market. We now offer our clients a modern webshop with Alfa Pro NEXT so they can manage all their operational matters in real-time. To serve our market even better, we looked for a new, long-term partner so that we could focus on our clients and market. TSS believes in ‘software for life,’ which means they acquire software companies and hold them forever. And they help these companies to be successful by sharing knowledge and best practices. Joining TSS gives us the power and strength we were looking for, and we can focus on the future.I look forward to continuing the future of Alfa Pro as an independent company within TSS with Arie and our team.”

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