Stolze acquires Elektravon Tuinbouw

Left to right: H.J. Brandenberg and M. de Groot.

Dutch-based horticultural engineering company Stolze Installatietechniek has acquired all activities of Elektravon Tuinbouw. The acquisition marks an important step in Stolze’s international growth.

On April 1, all employees and business activities of Elektravon Tuinbouw, including ongoing projects and inventory, were transferred to Stolze.

After the acquisition, customers of both companies will benefit from a wider range of products and services and a strengthened service and maintenance organisation. This will allow Stolze to meet the needs and expectations of its customers even better.

Stolze emphasises that the customers of Elektravon Tuinbouw can continue to work with the familiar faces they’re used to working with. The company says it is committed to a seamless transition for both employees and customers.

“We are delighted to welcome the employees of Elektravon Tuinbouw to Stolze. With this acquisition, we are gaining a group of skilled and experienced colleagues. It is an immediate strengthening of our organization, an expansion of our product and service offerings to our customers, and an investment in our future,” states Hendrik Jan Brandenberg, managing director of Stolze.

Marcel de Groot, managing director of De Groot Installation Group, owner of Elektravon Tuinbouw adds: ” After the acquisition of Elektravon, we had a broad portfolio of services in our hands. One of the strategic ambitions of De Groot Installation Group is to become more focused, which means that we want to concentrate entirely on installation technology for industry and non-residential construction. We have been looking for a suitable partner for our horticultural activities and we have found one in Stolze. We are excited about the opportunities this acquisition brings to both our employees and our customers. We strongly believe in Stolze’s vision and leadership and we are confident that this collaboration will result in positive outcomes for all parties involved.”

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