Paardekooper invests in new Kosovo sustainable flower sleeve factory

Horticulture packaging manufacturer and supplier Paardekooper has teamed up with Kosovo-based packaging manufacturer Kivo. The new partnership marks an important step in Paardekooper’s ongoing commitment to providing sustainable solutions to its customers.

After months of preparation, the first flower sleeve machines have successfully arrived at the production site in Kosovo. Last week, a special team travelled to Kosovo to kickstart production. Already on the second day, they witnessed how the first flower sleeves rolled of the production lines.

“Kivo marks a significant milestone for Paardekooper on our journey towards a more sustainable future,” said Edwin Vanlaerhoven, managing director of Paardekooper’s Horti division.

“In line with our recently launched sustainability report, we are excited to take further steps towards sustainability. This project clearly illustrates our efforts to reduce our ecological impact and encourages sustainable initiatives. We are constantly seeking ways to make our operations more sustainable and efficient. By choosing production in Kosovo, closer to home, we not only reduce our ecological footprint, but also support local communities and create new opportunities.”


By bringing production closer to home, we reduce ecological impact and promote sustainable practices. This allows us to deliver high-quality flower sleeves that meet the strictest standards, thanks to the combined expertise of Paardekooper and Kivo. Additionally, we support local economies and create new employment opportunities by producing in Kosovo. The proximity of the production facility also enables us to offer our customers faster delivery times and increased flexibility.

Royal Dutch Paardekooper Group has been a supplier of packaging solutions since 1919, with a strong focus on sustainability and innovation.

With over 900 employees worldwide, Paardekooper serves a wide range of sectors, including food & services, agri & industry, and horticulture. With a global presence, Paardekooper continues to commit itself to delivering quality products and services that positively impact  people and the environment.

In the United States, the Royal Dutch Paardekooper Group is primarily trading under the names Broekhof and Dillewijn Zwapak, and the company is predominantly involved in the horticulture industry.

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