The International Hardy Plant Union (ISU) announces botanical excursion in the Romanian Carpathians this summer

The Romanian Carpathians are an important reservoir of biodiversity. Pictured in the wild is Aquilegia, a quintessential cottage garden favourite also known as columbine.

The International Hardy Plant Union (ISU) will embark on a botanical excursion that will examine the internationally important flora of the Romanian Carpathians.

The stars of the Carpathians include Aquilegia transsilvanica, Aconitum aff. tauricum, Campanula alpina, Dianthus glacialis, Veratrum album, Soldanella pusilla, and Rhododendron myrtifolium.

Geir Moen, who lives about 70 km northeast of Oslo, Norway, has been passionate about plants from his childhood, and he has a particular interest in alpines. He will lead the trips that will take participants to the Southern Carpathians aka the Transylvanian Alps) between 12-17 June and between 19-24 June, respectively. Book your spot now because there ’s only place for a maximum of 15 people in each trip.

Breathtaking mountain views are guaranteed on the most beautiful road in Romania. The road leads directly through the highest mountains in Romania. Also to be seen are the reservoir Vidraru and the glacial lake Balea, where the excursion group will spend the night. The program and the registration documents can be downloaded at

Bookings will be handled on a first-come first-served basis. For more information,

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