Dümmen Orange continues its great sell-off and is now offloading its orchids

 Sogo’s new management team is prepared to continue its legacy of excellence in orchid breeding and propagation. Left to right: David Chen (CBO), Dennis Hsiao (CEO), Kaitlin Huang (CFO) and Erik Somnel (COO).

Dümmen Orange has reached an agreement with the business management team to sell its global orchid business. Effective 1 April, all Phalaenopsis activities worldwide, including breeding, propagation, and sales, will be managed independently under the Sogo brand, which is mostly known for its extensive range of miniature Phalaenopsis.

Dümmen Orange’s orchid division currently employs 330 people and comprises propagation for customers around the world. Dümmen Orange acquired the original Taiwanese Sogo in 2017.

This management buyout has made what Dümmen Orange calls ‘significant strides in its strategic realignment’.

The move comes swiftly after the recent sale of its Anthurium production in the Netherlands, further reinforcing Dümmen Orange’s commitment to streamlining its operations and focusing on offerings in markets where it already has core competencies and strong positions.

Sogo is poised to continue its legacy of excellence in orchid breeding and propagation and remains dedicated to serving growers, wholesalers, and retailers around the world with quality orchids.

Dennis Hsiao, CEO of Sogo, comments, “The transition to independent operation marks an exciting new chapter for Sogo as we strive to innovate and deliver exceptional products and services to our valued customers and partners.”

Hugo Noordhoek Hegt, CEO of Dümmen Orange, concludes, “Saying farewell to our orchid business was not easy. There’s a fantastic team worldwide and we have achieved great things in orchids in recent years, winning many prizes and awards. We just completed another successful Open House in Taiwan. But we have to be realistic. As a breeder, we cannot always make the difference in the marketplace, which for orchids has its very specific characteristics. To remain successful globally, focus is needed. Within Dümmen Orange’s global portfolio we cannot offer orchids that focus, and that is why it’s better to take this decision. With a great team, a strong customer base and hundred percent focus on the orchids business, Sogo is very well positioned to continue to have a bright future.”

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