The fate of Floriade’s former Crystal Palace-inspired greenhouse hanging in the balance

Floriade, inside the Glasshouse on 22 June 2022.

While some former Floriade pavilions, buildings, and building materials have been granted an afterlife, the fate of the Expo’s giant The Green House structure is still unknown. This week, Floriade Almere BV invited interested parties to submit bids for dismantling, relocation and reusing the building.

In May 2021, V8 Architects and Dutch greenhouse builder Bom Group revealed the winning design for Floriade’s 10,000m2 greenhouse complex. It represented a significant architectural addition to the world horticultural exhibition and reflected the Expo’s commitment to sustainability.

The Green House at the time of construction.

At the time of Floriade, the building included five sections: a reception area, a hi-tech greenhouse,  an ‘experience greenhouse’, a technology and innovation centre and a restaurant.

Spanning more than one hectare and a length of 170 metres, the Green House was the Expo’s largest exhibit. The Green House was among its major attractions at the Expo’s Weerwater entrance.

The structure’s design is striking, inspired by the Crystal Palace, built in London in 1851. Different types of glass and mirrors have been used in the greenhouse.

For six months, from 14 April 2022 until 9 October 2022, the Green House was home to 13 alternating indoor flower and plant shows.

The venue also provided a colourful backdrop for many Best in (Green House) Show Awards, recognising and promoting the best in ornamentals produced by Dutch growers and their counterparts abroad.

The closing date for a bid is 1 December, and interested parties can email Jan Willem Griep at

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