SupriSun greenhouse makes controlling light levels effective

Dutch-based greenhouse builder and horticultural engineer Certhon is proud to announce its latest innovation: the SupriSun greenhouse. This new type of greenhouse gives growers full control over the amount of light coming in.

It is a greenhouse concept that, together with the climate systems, gives growers the control they are used to having on an indoor farm. “You can think of it as an indoor farm, but without the high energy costs because you are utilising the power of the sun,” says John van der Sande, Chief Innovation Officer.

SupriSun can be built as a stand-alone greenhouse and combined with Certhon’s earlier innovation: Gronos.

The SupriSun is a new greenhouse concept with special screens and dimmable LEDs. By combining these two, the amount of light can be optimally controlled. The focus here is on both the homogeneity and controllability of the light. This also provides an energy-efficient application for indoor farming. If the greenhouse remains closed, growing conditions can be optimally controlled, and the plant’s needs can be met perfectly while still using the sun’s light and heat.

LED lighting, dehumidification, and other installations in climate chambers and greenhouses require a lot of energy and electricity. “Because energy costs are skyrocketing and power prices are a bottleneck for many indoor farming projects at the moment, it is necessary to keep coming up with high-quality technological solutions,” Van der Sande points out.

The SupriSun greenhouse runs not only on energy but uses the forces of the sun in the process. “By combining the sun’s influences with the special screens, dimmable LEDs, and climate systems, you achieve a controllable climate and a stable temperature and light level. That way, you save on the high energy costs of a full indoor farm.”

When the SupriSun greenhouse remains closed, diseases and viruses also do not get a chance, as there is no interaction with the outside air.

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