Paprika Tasty Radio to examine trends and developments in France’s horticulture

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica: Webinar organiser, radio broadcaster, content marketing specialist and networking organiser Jungle Talks, in association with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency will examine trends and developments in France’s horticultural industry. Ed Smit will host two Paprika Tasty Radio Specials to discuss the country’s current and future challenges for energy and labour management and the growth opportunities for investors and horticultural engineering companies. Tune in on Thursday 28 October and Thursday 4 November 2021 (16.00 hrs CEST).  

France has a deeply rooted food culture. The country is one of the leading European food manufacturers, but still imports about half of what it needs for consumption. The local food movement in France is strong and consumers often prefer to buy their quality products  local. Also, vertical farming is hot, especially on the rooftops of big cities like Paris.

In the two radio programmes radio host Ed Smit will have a round table with three guests; Martijn Weijtens, the Dutch agricultural counsellor  in Paris will provide a comprehensive overview of the country’s horticultural sector while Antoine Lepilleur, CEO of Richel Group will explore developments in the greenhouse sector wit a special focus on co-generation.

Pierre-Yves Jestin, president of the Brittany based cooperative Saveol will look at the past presence and future of the fresh produce production sector in his country. Brand Wagenaar, market analyst and founder/former owner of horticultural supplier Holimco will share his knowledge and experiences in floriculture in France.

On 28 October, from 16.00 hrs CEST onwards the three guests will present themselves and the week after on 4 November they will discuss the themes mentioned above. Tune in via

Energy is a complex and determining issue in French horticulture. In addition, sustainability is high on the agenda, will this become an additional competitive advantage over imports from countries that put less emphasis on environmental issues?

Labour is more expensive in France than in any other country in Europe. What does this imply for the future? French horticulture has great perspectives, but it will have to keep up with the speed of global developments. What needs to be done?

‘Jungle Talks to France’ is powered by Paprika Tasty Radio and Jungle Talks and supported by Netherlands Agricultural Network. Following the radio shows, all ‘Jungle Talks to’ episodes can be downloaded as podcast from Open Spotify via this link:

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