Imara® awarded TASPO Product of the Year

BERLIN, Germany: Syngenta’s new line of Impatiens walleriana, sold under the Imara brand, has been chosen as the most outstanding breeding breakthrough. The prize is an initiative of Germany’s leading horticultural business magazine Taspo, the main organiser of the spectacular price awarding event in the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Berlin on October 25, 2019.  A total of 22 Taspo Awards were handed out. Around 500 people attended the gala.

This is the second award for Imara after it was awarded ‘Best Ornamental Plant Introduction’ at Horticulture Week’s Business Award in London in June this year.

TASPO honours the best projects and companies in the industry in a variety of categories; products, companies, marketing and entrepreneur of the year. Breeder Ton Groot is very excited with this recognition: “Due to the downy mildew break out in 2000 a new phase in the breeding of Impatiens walleriana started. An important product and market for us and therefore we strongly focused on creating a solution for both growers and consumer as soon as possible. After years of intensive breeding IMARA was proudly introduced in 2018: The first downy mildew resistant impatiens walleriana on the market!”

Brand Manager Harmke van der Plas adds: “ And what a journey it has been. A dedicated team with an enormous passion for the product is the basis of this success. With a full range of 10 different colours and a mixes, all resistant to the disease, we can guarantee the consumer to enjoy IMARA all season long. In sun, shade, rain or shine: IMARA is there. Strong and resistant. Syngenta Flowers is extremely proud with winning this award and guarantee that you will hear back from IMARA, because there is even MORE to come!”

Pictured are Ton Groot (2nd left), Harmke van der Plas (centre) and Markus Brokemper (2nd right) who were presented with the coveted award at the Grand Hyatt Berlin.

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