French rose industry will spotlight in a new movie

PARIS, France: Lights. Camera. Action. French horticulture will be blooming in a new film starring Catherine Frot, who plays a rose breeder in La Fine Fleur, which premieres in June.

French industry body Val’Hor is the headline sponsor of the film. Its president Mikaël Mercier believes that rose sales and that of flowers and plants, are to receive a clear boost from the buzz surrounding the new movie. He offers industry professionals a free point of sale kit to promote what he calls ‘an extraordinary movie that highlights the beauty, relevance, passion and creativity of ornamental horticulture in France’.

Val’Hor, is the umbrella organisation for ornamental horticulture in France (regrouping all trade unions from the ornamental sector, from growers to retailers landscapers and florists).The trade association considers the film’s cinematography excellent and partnered with its director, Pierre Pinaud. The movie highlights roses, flowers, plants, and the technical expertise, dedication and perseverance needed to grow them.

La Fine Fleur tells the story of Eve Vernet, a talented rose breeder who is succesful in creating beautiful new roses but terrible in running a business. Her company is in hot water, with the worst case scenario being bankruptcy. Véra, her faithful secretary, thinks she has found a solution by hiring three employees, with different backgrounds and no horticultural skills. While initially no bond ties and keeps Eve and her three newly hired apprentices together, they embark on a most unusual adventure to save the small-scale rose farm from being bought out by a mighty competitor.

Film director Pierre Pinaud says,” I would like to see people leave La Fine Fleur saying to themselves that the quest for beauty can justify devoting one’s life to it. If I had to put the meaning of my film into a sentence, I should quote Belgian rose breeder Louis Lens, who said, “Whoever devotes himself to the passion of beauty will never waste his life”.

Val’Hor’s president Mikaël Mercier says: “For all horticulturists, nurserymen, wholesalers, florists, garden centres and landscape companies, La Fine Fleur is a rare film, which highlights the beauty of our horticultural sector and French elegance. A mixture of passion, technicality and creation, it tells the unique story of a passionate and combative rose grower who is trying to professionally survive and seeks the help of people from different backgrounds. The story is beautiful and unique. We would like to sincerely thank the director Pierre Pinaud for honouring our trade.”

Val’Hor is organising a large-scale media campaign, which all horticulturists can join in and support the promotion of the industry. A free point of sale kit, includes posters, poster holders, a-boards, and free movie tickets.

French actress Frot says: “For La Fine Fleur, I had to learn about rose hybridization. It’s a skill that requires a lot of precision and I loved it. I realised that the roses played a big part in the charm of this story and they gave it an ineffable poetry and a heady perfume.  I must admit that I didn’t pay much attention to these flowers before.Playing in this film felt like making an extraordinary journey into an unknown land and today roses touch me and make me happy.”

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