CHA announces a strong contingent of British exhibitors at GreenTech in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: The Commercial Horticultural Association (CHA), in partnership with Department for International Trade, is organising the British exhibitor group/pavilion at GreenTech 2022.

This year’s show, taking place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on 14-16 June 2022, will see a return of an in-person exhibition following the cancellation of the main GreenTech in June 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Visitors to GreenTech will have the chance to meet leading and innovative UK manufacturers who provide products and services for commercial horticultural growers, wholesalers and retailers throughout the world.

New exhibitors, products and technologies will be on display in Hall 5 as well as the latest industry developments, including information on Agri-Tech UK, an important new information source for the international horticulture/agriculture industries.

Visitors will also receive a warm welcome in hall 5 on the CHA information stand 05.110A where they will be able to learn more about UK suppliers and the British horticulture sector.

Exhibitors in the British pavilion include:

Delta-T Devices (stand 05.110D)

The new WET150 Sensor from Delta-T Devices accurately measures water content, EC and temperature. Its SDI-12 connectivity makes sensor networks and system integration easy. The soon-to-be-released CELORA wireless sensor platform has nodes for 12 or more SDI-12 sensors using LoRaWAN and optional 4G connectivity to create monitoring networks. Data can be exported to DeltaLINK CLOUD, or to your own CLOUD or server.

HELP! Biocontrol (stand 05.110B)

HELP! Biocontrol will be unveiling Fungus Gnat Killers and Thrips Killers. Fungus Gnat Killers are predatory mites for the control of fungus gnats and thrips pupae in indoor / protected cultivation. Contains multiple species of mite (unique in the world of biological control). Thrips Killers are the only product that controls every stage of the thrip lifecycle! Contains TWO species of predatory mite – one for the control of thrips feeding on leaves and flowers, and one species that eats the pupae that reside in the soil. This unique feature ensures that the pest lifecycle is broken. This is especially important for facilities that move plants in, out, and around as pupa will be continually re-infesting the growing environment.

INDO Lighting Ltd (stand 05.110C)

The latest generation of INDO Lighting’s award-winning Direct Drive technology has been launched for 2022, offering a step-change in efficiency to extend INDO’s edge as a market leader in energy-efficient grow lighting systems for top lighting and vertical farming applications. This is in addition to the proven long-life performance due to the superior build quality and elimination of the LED driver, providing 250,000 hours of maintenance-free operation, backed up by INDO’s 10-year warranty. INDO produces horticulture luminaires at its cutting-edge manufacturing facility in the UK. INDO’s latest releases promise the best whole-life costs to commercial growers and can be found on display at the show.

Plater Bio (stand 05.110F)

Plater Bio is showcasing a number of products at GreenTech. OPTIGROW is a revolutionary hydroponic fertilizer containing all essential plant nutrients. Hydroponic growers and vertical farmers no longer need to use dedicated ‘A’ and ‘B’ fertilizers. LIQUID GYPSUM is a soil conditioner helping soil flocculation, a “soil washing” product, which aids aggregation, improving workability, drainage and root exploration to support crop establishment. PHOSPHORUS LIBERATOR dissolves phosphorus locked up in the soil as calcium phosphate, making it available to plants. Allows plants to meet their phosphorus needs without applying phosphates. AMENITY & GREEN PRODUCT SOLUTIONS has the capability to develop and research new premier and professional products using its in-house expertise and technology with the advantage of its own brand marketing.

Russell IPM & Biosolutions Ltd (stand 05.110E)

Recharge – Innovative Bio Stimulant Recharge is a powerful combination of naturally growing microorganisms found in healthy soils. The formulation is capable of empowering your plants, enabling them to remain healthy with improved yield. Recharge is the sustainable foundation for integrated crop management. It enables your crop to fend for itself and combat the damaging effect of insect pests, nematodes and fungal attacks. Healthy and robust plants can rise to the challenge and offer a better yield. Application of recharge ensures higher crop quality with reduced pesticide residue.

 Solufeed Ltd (stand 05.110G)

Solufeed is a UK-based family-owned business which offers a wide range of speciality fertiliser products, both as liquids and soluble powders, for use in commercial horticulture in countries all around the world. Products include Soluble NPK fertilisers that are tailor-made to fit specific crops or local requirements and packed in 1kg, 10kg or 20kg packaging.

The Commercial Horticultural Association (CHA) is the British Trade Association for manufacturers and suppliers of plants, products and services to commercial horticultural growers throughout the world. Covering the ornamentals, fresh produce, amenity and landscape sectors, our members offer the full portfolio of products and services for all horticultural requirements.

The CHA is a Trade Challenge Partner and Accredited Trade Organisation (ATO) with the British Government’s Department for International Trade (DIT). The department helps UK-based companies succeed in the global economy. DIT offers expertise and contacts through its extensive network of specialists in the UK and in British embassies and other diplomatic offices around the world. It works with CHA to provide companies with the tools they require to be competitive on the world stage.

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