ANVE wins top prizes at Euroflora

GENOA, Italy: The National Association of Nursery Stock Exporters (ANVE)’s depiction of century-long landscape changes has scooped up top prizes at Italy’s prestigious Euroflora show in Genoa.

After a break due to Covid-19 last year, Euroflora opened in Italy on 23 April 2022; the AIPH-approved C-Category flower show will give a massive boost to the horticultural industry in challenging post-pandemic times.

With a theme focusing on ‘A World of Rare Beauty’ this will be the 12th International Exhibition of Flowers and Ornamental Plants in Genova.

The scenic Nervi Historic Parks and Museums – a city district 7km east of Genova’s city centre –  is the open-air stage for nature in all its forms, showcasing examples of magnificent colours, audacious floral geometry, works of art and exotic charm in an evocative context of great historical and landscape value.

Euroflora 2022 is a voyage of rare beauty, where surprise and marvel will accompany visitors through enchanted gardens and breath-taking views of the sea.

One of the show’s beauties is the 500m2 ANVE garden designed by landscape architects Giulia Sasso and Cecilia Galli Passerini, winners of the competition launched in collaboration AIAPP, the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture (Associazione Italiana di Architettura del Paesaggio) Landscape Architecture).

Their garden, built around the theme of Landscape Change, invites visitors to discover migration, urbanisation, accesibility, international trade and their role in landscape changes. Landscape patterns are never constant but change over time. The ANVE show garden draws inspiration from deserts, prairies, semi arid plantings, the Middle East’s lush green oasis, the beautiful plants from the East that centuries ago were exchanged for silk. It dives into what the past has shaped the Mediterranean landscape what people see today.

ANVE scooped up the top prize in the category of garden bigger than 350m2, while it also took a gold for the most artistic and original presentation of herbaceous perennials and a silver for the most outstanding and extensive display of fruit-bearing citrus.

Euroflora will run until 8 May 2022 in Genova, a port city and the capital of northwest Italy’s Liguria region.

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