The world of ornamental horticulture to gather at forthcoming IFTF show

IFTF 2023 is getting ready to receive the thousands of international trade visitors that have pre-registered so far. With more than 300 exhibitors, IFTF 2023 is set to take place at the Greater Amsterdam Expo (formerly known as Haarlemmermeer Expo) between 8-10 November 2023.

This year will see a record number of 135 international flower growers participating from 15 countries, offering cut flower purchasers from around the globe to discuss new varieties and contracts for the new selling season.

Event organiser HPP says there will be a record number of country pavilions. Each flying their national flag, countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Ecuador, Colombia, Turkey, Italy, India, Iran, Japan, Rwanda, and Spain will showcase their latest products and services.

Just like last year, the 2023 IFTF will happen one week later than usual. This date change will allow green professionals from in particular Southern Europe to travel to the Netherlands after the peak sales period for All Souls’Day .

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