The 4th Holland Dahlia Event opts for a dual format

Sincerity, Dahlia x hybrida.

LISSE, Netherlands: There is one universal fact, wherever you reside in the world, and that is knowing what is happening in someone else’s garden. Holland’s Dahlia Event is an excellent opportunity to do just that – have a good look. This spring, dahlias were planted at different locations so that industry professionals can enjoy all the many different precious flower shapes and colours that dahlias have to offer.

Since Covid-19, the organisers have had to adapt for the safety of viewers.

Now in its fourth year, the Holland Dahlia Event will have more promotion online with videos and photographs. This change will make it possible to view the dahlias for longer than a week.

Flower growers, tuber growers and tuber exporters are keen to unite in the Holland Dahlia Event Foundation. They will showcase cultivations of dahlia in unique planted plots in locations between Leiden and Haarlem.

And, as lockdown eases, the following six Dahlia show gardens will be open to the trade from mid-August to the end of September.

The Dahlia is a crop that offers the consumer a lot of value. It continues to bloom from summer until the first frost. And there is a wide variety of varieties, from single-flowered to whimsical shapes and colours.

With the Holland Dahlia Event, the sector aims to give collective cultivation a boost. Outside of the Netherlands, the UK, Germany and France are important export markets, but also countries such as Russia and Ukraine are increasingly showing an interest in this beautiful bloom.

So, to see the Dahlia Event online will bring a broader audience to its future prominence. Event organiser Richar Walkier says, “Concerning visiting addresses, we have worked on quantity and completeness so that we now have a choice from tuber grower to flower producer and cutting addresses for starting material.”

He adds: “The fact that there is so much interest in participating is unique. It indicates that Dahlia cultivation has a future.”

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