Plantarium Concept & Innovation Awards 2019: shortlist revealed

BOSKOOP, Netherlands: The shortlist for the Plantarium Concept & Innovation Award 2019 has been announced. 

An advisory committee and panel of expert judges shortlisted 13 nominees across two categories:  ‘Innovation’ and ‘Concept’. The result is an impressive line-up of eight novelty plants and five plant merchandising concepts, allowing retailers to add value to their customers.

Entries that have made the Plantarium Innovation Awards shortlist include:

Acer palmatum ‘Extravaganza’ submitted by Van Son & Koot bv.

Berry Bux® submitted by De Jong Plant B.V.

Cercis canadensis ‘Carolina Sweetheart’ submitted by Joh. Stolwijk & Zn.

Helianthus SUNbelievable Brown Eyed Girl submitted by F.N. Kempen bv

Hydrangea paniculata Skyfall (FrennePBR) submitted by Joh. Stolwijk & Zn.

Magical Green Delight submitted by Magical Four Seasons

Rock Your Garden Cactus  submitted by F.N. Kempen bv

Skimmia japonica ‘Perosa’ submitted by Perry van Eijk Skimmia’s.

Entries that have made the Plantarium Concepts Awards shortlist include:

Colour Your Table – De Jong Plant B.V.

Encore® Azalea’: Azalea Encore ‘Autumn Fire’ PBR, Azalea Encore ‘Autumn Pure White’ PBR, Azalea Encore ‘Autumn Sunburst’ PBR – Joh. Stolwijk & Zn.

POTTBURRI – F.N. Kempen bv

Rhododendron Happydendron ‘Pushy Purple’ (Hochmagic) – Joh.Stolwijk & Zn.

Zero Plastic Tray – Colour Your Garden


Members of the horticultural media will gather as a specialist jury on August 20.  On the opening morning (August 21) Plantarium will celebrate its annual awards ceremony

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