Nominees announced for GreenTech Innovation Award

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: Autonomous crop management, a bulb planter,  a SuprimAir greenhouse among those shortlisted. The winners will be announced during the official opening of GreenTech on Tuesday 11 June 2019.

A panel of judges have reviewed all of the finalists’ nominations and selected 18 nominees.  Potential winners are grouped into four categories: ‘Innovation’, ‘Sustainability’, ‘Impact’ and ‘Concept’.

All nominated products will be included in the GreenTech Innovation Route. The nominees for the Innovation Awards will be showcased at the InnovationLAB.

Nominations per category

Category GreenTech Innovation Award 2019

  • Autonomous crop management – Delphy B.V.
  • ISO Bulb Planting Machine – ISO Group
  • Koppert scout-app – Koppert Biological Systems
  • Rubion – Octinion
  • Ridder CO2 Optimizer – Ridder

Category GreenTech Sustainability Award 2019

  • Hortinergy – Climate modelling and analysis – Agrithermic
  • Growfoam – Foamplant
  • Hortiled Top 120v19 – Hortilux Schréder
  • EcoExpert – Modiform
  • Ridder NoNa+ – Ridder

Category GreenTech Impact Award 2019

  • SuprimAir Greenhouse – Certhon
  • VA Grow Vertical Farm – KE GrowAir BV + Orange Climate Agri
  • Ridder Co-Creation Climate Screens – Ridder

Category GreenTech Concept Award 2019

  • Phycotrone – MEG – Augmented Photobiology
  • The Fiberglas Greenhouse Roof – Bordeso BV
  • Medical Grow Rolling Container – Bosman Van Zaal
  • Nexus with E-meta Intelligence – Van der Ende Groep
  • e-Gro – Grodan – Part of the ROCKWOOL Group

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