MPS to spotlight environmental footprinting tool at AIPH Horticultural Industry Conference

Sustainability is a subject of increasing importance, especially in the horticultural sector. At the AIPH Horticultural Industry Conference on 19th September 2023, MPS will present the HortiFootprint Calculator as a tool for producers to quantify their CO2 footprint reduction efforts.

This Horticultural Industry Conference is part of the International Association of Horticultural Producers (AIPH)’s 75th Annual Congress, which will be held in Suncheon, Republic of Korea. MPS is a gold sponsor for the conference, which will focus on footprinting and sustainability.

MPS was founded 28 years ago with an aim to increase sustainability in floriculture by offering producers tools and certificates. Their recent development is the HortiFootprint Calculator, developed in collaboration with

“The sustainability initiatives I’ve observed are commendable, but often challenging to showcase,” said Edmund Timm, Commercial Manager at MPS, who will speak at the conference. “The HortiFootprint Calculator aims to make these efforts visible. Currently, the HFC calculates the CO2 footprint based on the FloriPEFCR, a sector-wide standard that quantifies the environmental impact of the floriculture sector.”

Tim Briercliffe, AIPH Secretary General, commented: “The industry needs practical ways to carry out environmental footprinting. MPS is helping to lead the industry with solutions on this and we are pleased to welcome them as a sponsor for our upcoming Industry Conference in Republic of Korea in September.”

The 75th AIPH Annual Congress will take place from 17th-21st September 2023 in Suncheon, Republic of Korea. For more information and to register your interest, please visit the AIPH Website.

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