Komet Sales and Axerrio join forces to expand their B2B floral e-commerce network across Europe and the Americas

Komet Sales (“Komet”), a software provider for the floral industry in the Americas, is pleased to announce the merger with Axerrio, a leading software provider for the floral industry in Europe. The merger will benefit the customers of both companies by increasing access to new features and allowing the companies’ respective customers to reach an expanded network of buyers and sellers through Komet’s (K2K) and Axerrio’s e-commerce networks. Axerrio’s existing team will continue to lead Axerrio and spearhead broader growth in Europe.

Headquartered in Bergen Op Zoom, Netherlands, and founded in 1995, Axerrio has grown to power many of Europe’s largest floral importers and wholesalers. Axerrio’s solution and team bring deep expertise in powering e-commerce and procurement management across the Dutch auction and private channels. In addition, Axerrio’s solution is vital in managing bouquet production and integrating with retail (mass-market) systems for seamless bouquet manufacturing and sales. Following the merger, Axerrio is working to bring seamless integration between Axerrio and the Komet solutions, including K2K.

In addition to K2K, the Komet family of companies includes Unosof, a floral production software; FCS’s SmartSystem, the US’s most broadly deployed floral wholesale solution; and Komet Sales, the ERP system for floral importers and large-scale wholesalers.

Together with Axerrio, these solutions create a suite of products intended to seamlessly connect suppliers with their customers across the floral supply chain, helping growers commercialise their products on both sides of the Atlantic and enabling importers and wholesalers to source products from a broader range of suppliers while achieving operational efficiency and improved sales velocity.

The combination aligns with Axerrio and Komet’s commitment to delivering innovative and comprehensive solutions to their customers. Many customers using Komet, UNOSOF, or FCS already transact with Axerrio’s customers, creating immediate opportunities for synergy and new functionality.

“Our vision is to provide software that seamlessly allows floral businesses to manage their operations, grow their sales, and improve their margin,” said Chris Beals, CEO of Komet Sales. “With the addition of Axerrio to our family of companies, we are bringing a great team and deep software capabilities for European operators with expertise in mass market, bouquet production, and embedded e-commerce aboard. In addition, the incredibly far-reaching e-commerce network between the companies will enable customers to sell to new buyers and jurisdictions more easily.”

Existing customers of both Komet Sales and Axerrio can expect a seamless transition and continued support. Integrating Axerrio’s expertise and technologies, especially around the mass-market bouquet and plant arrangement production, will further enhance the value and capabilities of Komet’s products.

“We are excited to join forces with Komet to deliver even better solutions to our current and future customers,” said Nardi Rens, CEO and co-founder of Axerrio. “Together, we will be able to provide an even more comprehensive and innovative suite of tools and services to help our customers succeed.”

Nardi will continue to serve as the CEO of Axerrio and an expanding Axerrio team in the Netherlands and the European Union.

Looking ahead, Komet and Axerrio have ambitious plans to rapidly work to integrate US and European product classification and better enable cross-selling between customers. Customers can anticipate exciting advancements and enhanced features that empower them to thrive in the ever-evolving floral industry.






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