Jungle Talks

NAALDWIJK, the Netherlands: On Thursday 11th October, Jungle Talks and the University of Professional Education, InHolland Delft, are holding a webinar on vertical farming. During a digital masterclass Gideon de Jager, commercial director of Codema, will inform students, entrepreneurs and other interested parties on the latest developments and opportunities in this field of production.

Vertical farming is a hot topic around the globe, with an increasing number of companies striving to distinguish themselves in this field. That is not surprising, once you know that vertical farming is, in principle, a production method that makes it more efficient and environmentally friendly to produce food. Entrepreneurs, scientists and governments have been looking into alternative production methods to produce better food more efficiently, by using less fresh water, resources and pollution. Vertical farming could be the answer, because this method does not need large production areas for instance. But is it the true solution? Does vertical farming offer real opportunities for professional horticulture? Or are there too many disadvantages and drawbacks?

During the webinar, Gideon de Jager will share his vision on the developments in this field. Codema develops solutions in the field of water management, climate control, greenhouse technology and construction, production systems, electrical engineering, lighting and software systems. In this role, the company frequently deals with international vertical farming projects. Students, entrepreneurs and other interested parties can also ask their questions directly to Mr. De Jager during the webinar.

The webinar will be in English. If you are interested in joining on October 11, 19.30 – 20.30 hrs CEST, you can REGISTER HERE for free.

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