ANVE is the voice of Italy’s nursery stock industry

Left to right Edoardo Sciutti and Marco Cappellini.

ANVE – Associazione Nazionale Vivaisti Esportatori (National Association of Nursery Stock Exporters) is an association that protects the interests of all Italian nurserymen. It was established several years ago to help industry entrepreneurs access targeted information and create advantageous conditions for services and supplies.

 ANVE includes Full members, Supporting members and Partners in order to guarantee maximum national representation through direct contact with local entities. It is especially active in creating dialogues with institutions, both on the national and European level.

Through ANVE, growers have their needs and those of the nursery and gardening industry represented before trade unions and political, administrative and social institutions. Important topics include environmental and safety issues, expanding the market to include other countries, creating a network amongst entrepreneurs who favor aggregation of common projects and the exchange of ideas, information, and experiences. Associates are regularly updated when useful sector documents or information are found.

The services offered by ANVE include assistance regarding phytosanitary and customs aspects, promotional activity in European and Extra-European markets and monitoring and assistance in public funding for companies.

Within ENA (European Nursery stock Association) and AIPH (International Association of Horticultural Producers) ANVE participates in the Legislation, Promotion, Royalty and Quality Working Groups.


According to Marco Cappellini, President of ANVE, one of the most important achievements has been the important lobbying role of the Association in new European legislation about Xylella: “The IMPLEMENTING DECISION (EU) 2017/2352 by the COMMISSION dated 14 December, 2017 will guarantee the buyers healthy plants through modern diagnosis methods, but at reduced costs and without too much bureaucracy.” ENA has stated that “Current scientific evidence and legislation does not justify a movement ban of plants from an entire country or from some regions of a country, just because the country contains some demarcated zones or areas infected by Xylella.”

This bacterial disease has caused severe damage to olive trees in a restricted area (Salento) in the Apulia region. On the other hand, the outbreak of further strains of the pathogen in other European countries is potentially more dangerous to additional ornamental plants.

In Italy, ANVE was one of the associations that gave approval of the so-called ‘Bonus Verde’ (Green Bonus) that allows tax refunds for people who build new green areas or will incur substantial maintenance fees in 2018, up to 5,000 euros. “The discussion with authorities about the allowable cap to the expenses was very difficult and this amount is, in effect, quite low,” continues Marco Cappellini. “However this can be viewed as an initial acknowledgement of our industry. If the results of this trial year are positive, the amount could be higher in the future.” It is absolutely necessary to demonstrate to Italian politicians the benefits of green spaces in terms of health and environmental advantages.

New Challenges

“For 2018,” says Edoardo Sciutti, Executive Secretary of ANVE, “we are ready for new challenges: the definition of the new phytosanitary rules, going deeper in the CITES requirements for endangered species and together with the Italian Ministry of Environment, the project of standards for sustainable cities, directly connected to the acreage and quality of green areas. Our last project, with an insurance company, concerns coverage for disease and pest damage.”


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