2,400 garden roses planted in Belgrade

Gardeners planted 2,400 garden roses – a donation of the Dutch Serbian company PhenoGeno – in Belgrade’s city park and outside the capital’s Palace of Justice, to transform downtown Belgrade into a palette of late spring colour by the end of May.

Mr. Joost Reintjes, the Dutch Ambassador to Serbia, city dignitaries, and staff of PUC Greenery gathered in February in Belgrade’s city centre to witness the planting of the first roses.

The Dutch Embassy in Serbia has a long-standing cooperation with the City of Belgrade and the PUC “Greenery” Belgrade.

Occuping pride of place in the planting schemes are 2,000  ‘Lady of Belgrade’ roses plus 40,000 spring flowering bulbs planted within the walls of the city fortress.

PhenoGeno Roses is deeply steeped in floral tradition. The company began growing garden roses in 1956. In 2009, a Serbian company established for research and breeding in garden roses.

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