HilverdaKooij and Florist Holland change name to HilverdaFlorist

DE KWAKEL, Netherlands: Netherlands-based cut flower breeders HilverdaKooij and Florist Holland have changed their  name into HilverdaFlorist.

The name change follows the announcement that HilverdaKooij agreed terms with its Dutch ‘rival’ Florist in a deal that will create one of the larger cut flower and potted plant breeders in the Netherlands.

Under the merger, announced exactly one year ago and set to be finalised in March 2020, HilverdaKooij will move to Dwarsweg 15 where a new research centre including new greenhouses, processing areas, offices and a new breeding technology center are currently under construction.

The new HilverdaFlorist offers a one stop shop for starting material suited for commercial production of cut flowers, houseplants, bedding plants and perennials. The company’s portfolio includes Echinacea, Salvia, Alstroemeria,  Dahlia, Dianthus, Gerbera, Limonium, Carnation, Hellebores, Gypsophila and Scabiosa.


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