Florequisa from Ecuador launches new generation of Gypsophila paniculata

If you still think of Gypsophila paniculata as being somewhat of a cliché in floral arrangements, it is time to refresh your mindset. Ecuadorian flower farm Florequisa proudly announces its Gypsophila ‘White Force’, the new generation Gypsophila in the whitest white, featuring big blooms and exceptional shelf life.

Among the stars of WF&FSA’s Floral Distribution Conference, held between 6-8 March 2023 at the Doral in Miami, was Gypsophila ‘White Force’ the newest big bloom (average button size 13mm) Gypsophila in the market. Sturdy stems bear pure white flowers that add volume, texture and whimsey in mixed bouquets and flower arrangements.

Florequisa, a 100 ha flower farm in Otón (55 kms north east of Quito) exporting around 50 million cut flowers per year, has bred this new Gypsophila variety to last. The farm’s cutting edge breeding resulted in flowers that easily withstand (sea) transportation and have an excellent shelf life.

The variety’s cloud-like texture, prime availability and swift opening in warm rooms make ‘White Force’ the perfect filler flower for use in wedding work and beyond. The variety is also one of the popular Gyp varieties for dying.

Florequisa has rolled out a Star Wars-inspired campaign to inspire wholesalers and florists by unravlling the allure and strength of ‘White Force.


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