Cut foliage specialist supplier Adomex to launch OrcaExotics and OrcaFlora at Trade Fair Aalsmeer

Dutch-based cut foliage specialist supplier Adomex returned to Trade Fair Aalsmeer to celebrate the launch of its newest product lines, OrcaExotics and OrcaFloral. At the same time, the company unveiled its refreshed Orca brand, including new packaging and a restyled logo.

Having made its debut in 2003, the company’s OrcaGreen brand stands for cut foliage with consistent quality, including Aralia, Salal, leather leaf, Galax urceolata, Phoenix roebelinii, and Xerophyllum tenax (Beargrass). Products are available year-round and grown commercially or harvested in the wild.

In Adomex’s stand 5.17 at this year’s Trade Fair Aalsmeer, the new product lines OrcaExotics and OrcaFloral vied for the attention of attendees.

OrcaExotics comprises an exclusive selection of tropical flowers such as Fynbos foliage, Protea, Leucadendron and Leucospermum grown on farms or in the wild. These tropical flowers make ideal focal flowers in bouquets and arrangements.

OrcaFloral, in turn, features a range of quality filler flowers such as Gypsophila and Hypericum. These thrilling fillers add colour, volume, texture and whimsey in mixed bouquets.

All products sold under OrcaExotics and OrcaFlora are built on the same quality level that made the first OrcaGreen brand so successful.

Adomex sources its cut foliage and tropical flowers from the tropics and subtropics, including countries such as Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Ecuador,  the USA, South Africa, Kenya and Portugal.

With the growers in these countries, Adomex has a tried and tested relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

Founded in 1977, Adomex is arguably one of the pioneers in cut foliage and has largely contributed to the product’s stable ranking and image in the floriculture supply chain.

Adomex has its head office in Aalsmeer but also runs branches in Uithoorn, Rijnsburg, Honselersdijk, Ede and Straelen (Germany).

In 2017, the company acquired IEF Corporation in the state of Washington and since then has been a fully owned source of Salal harvested in the wild.

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