Erfgoed published a white paper to help growers make informed irrigation decisions

Dutch-based ErfGoed, an international leader in the manufacturing and installing cultivation floors, has published a new irrigation white paper outlining the primary criteria to double-check when opting for a specific irrigation system.

A greenhouse grower’s primary goal is to deliver constant and superior product quality to satisfy standards and meet the demands of valued customers. One crucial element in achieving this objective is an indispensable resource: water. An efficient and suitable irrigation system is of utmost importance to harness the potential of water to enhance crop yields.

Choosing the right irrigation system can be daunting, considering the myriad options available. Some systems may increase the risk of diseases or uneven plant growth and flowering, while others must be economically viable for your specific cultivation. In this complex landscape, making well-informed decisions can prove to be challenging.

Addressing this issue and supporting growers in making optimal choices for their unique situations is Erfgoed’s ‘The right irrigation system: the key to consistent and optimal product quality’ white paper. It provides a comprehensive overview of the five most prevalent irrigation systems and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

“At ErfGoed, we understand the challenges faced by growers in choosing the right irrigation system. Our commitment is to provide you with the knowledge and support you need to make informed decisions that will contribute to your success,” said Jack Ford, area sales Manager at ErfGoed.

To download the free white paper, visit:

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