Dutch Tulip Battle to attract horticultural talents while they are young

AALSMEER, Netherlands: In the Netherlands, a new round of Tulip Battles to acquaint children in primary schools with ornamental horticulture will start on 14 November.

The Tulip Battle (aka www.tuinbouwbattle.nl) is a great way to get children of primary school age interested in ornamental horticulture by means of fun and hands-on activities. The project prevents pupils becoming disengaged from education and hopefully will lead to a future influx of new green-fingered talents in the sector.

The response to the inaugural Tulip Battle has been wonderful and organiser annex horticultural business network Greenport Aalsmeer has announced new dates for the horticultural classes commencing this Autumn. The next Tulip Battle will commence on Monday 14 November and will run for four weeks.

The Tulip Battle starter kit includes what primary schools need before the pupils can began growing their tulips: an online bulb farming teaching programme and a mobile LED trolley to kick start the production of cut tulips in a modern, multi layer growing system.

Pupils will battle it out to grow the perfect cut tulip with former growers giving a bit of extra help and guidance. Another fun part of the contest is a farm tour which will take the kids to a local grower where they will be given an experential behind-the-scenes look at a modern horticultural business.

When the blooms are ready for harvest the Tulip Battle will get the kids outside and entertained as they are encouraged to sell their flowers locally. Earnings will serve to purchase classroom games or playground equipment.

The Tulip Battle is a project of Greenport Aalsmeer and sponsored by Stimuflori, Holland Rijnland, Container Centralen and Rabobank.

The new dates for the 2022/2023 Battle are: 14 November, 9 January, and 6 March. Interested in signing up or replicating the project’s success in your own country? Monique Weerdenburg is happy to provide more detailed information monique@greenportaalsmeer.nl  or +31 6-5399 9657

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