Dutch Lily Days visitors vote Lilium ‘Diantha’ as the world’s best

Organisers of the Dutch Lily Days asked visitors to vote for their favourite. The results are in and the double-flowered Oriental ‘Diantha’ has been awarded the title  Best Lily in the 2023 Lily League.

Founded in 2017 by reputable flower bulb supplier Onings Holland, the Dutch Lily League, ranking the top-50 of the world’s most appreciated lily varieties, has become an important fixture in the calendar of those active in the world of lilies.

The contest was back at the recently held Dutch Lily Days, happening between 6-9 June 2023. The event’s 11th edition ran at 13 lily companies across the west and northwest of Holland. The event brought together a cross-section of the global lily industry.

This year’s winner ‘Diantha’ is a bred of Vletter&Den Haan. The double-flowering Oriental hybrid features impressive flowers in delightful pink. The cultivar stands between 90-100cm tall and has an upwards growing form. ‘Diantha’ in bulb sizes 12/14 and 14/16 produces a minimum of 3-5 and 4-6 flowers respectively. ‘Diantha’ also confirms that double-flowered lilies will continue to dress the future lily landscape.

The red OT Hybrid and 2022 Lily League winner ‘Touchstone’ from Mak Breeding and the white ‘Blizzard’, a double-flowering OT hybrid from Vletter&Den Haan, finished second and third respectively.

The Dutch Lily Days’ mixed audience consisting of growers, traders, florists and other lily aficionados (Onings Holland for example hosted a Lily Open Day for consumers on Saturday) guarantees that entries are marked from different perspectives with overall impression naturally being one of the most decisive factors.

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Onings Holland offers lily professionals a poster featuring the world’s 50 top scorers in the Lily League. info@onings.com

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