Dutch glass house construction body AVAG welcomes new board member

WESTLAND, Netherlands: AVAG, the Dutch glasshouse construction and equipment sector body, has announced that Richard Vialle, affiliated with Crux Agribotics and CCO of Kind Technologies, has joined its board of directors.

Vialle succeeds Bas Lagerwerf from Berg Hortimotive, who is currently overcommitted.

“The AVAG is confident that Vialle will strengthen our board’s breadth of talent and experience. Not only is he a visionary entrepreneur, he sustains innovation and will seek to build a culture of collaboration.” Says AVAG chair Annie van de Riet.

Commenting on his new role within AVAG, Richard Vialle says, “I am excited and look forward to adding more value to the AVAG team by developing new strategies.”

New greenhouses, mostly glass, have recently been going up at the rate of around 3,500ha a year – and the area is expected to grow by a further 50 per cent in the next five years thanks to investment in regions such as the Middle East and Asia and from sources not traditionally associated with horticulture, writes  FCI’s correspondent Spence Gunn.

Gunn sat down with newly elected AVAG chairman Annie de Riet. Read the interview HERE

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