Dutch Culture Groups for Roses and Rootstocks join forces

The Dutch Culture Group for Roses and Rootstocks – with its secretariat running under the Dutch industry body Anthos – and the LTO Culture Group for Trees, Perennials and Summer Flowers seek to further strengthen collaboration in the field of commercial rose and rose rootstock production.

The Culture Groups are no strangers to one and another: in 2022 they teamed up to build two rose gardens at Floriade; one to inspire garden retailers and consumers, the second one to drive sales in the landscape market.

In 2016,  the Culture Group for Roses and Rootstocks’ secretariat moved to Anthos to strengthen collaboration in marketing and promotion. This move led to the 2018 launch of the Roses4Gardens campaign.  The Culture Group also manages the judging of garden roses to award top cultivars with the Certificate of Excellence.

LTO’s Culture Group focuses mostly on crop production and technology and as such the partnership creates synergy.

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