Dutch 2022 flower and plant exports decline by 3 per cent to €7.1  billion

Figures published by the Dutch Association of Wholesalers in Floricultural Products (VGB) and market analyst Floridata reveal  the struggles that Dutch flower and plant exporters face due to the energy crisis and soaring inflation.

Total exporter revenues dropped in 2022, with Dutch flower and plant exports declining by 3 per cent to €7.1  billion.

Regarding the total value of exports, cut flowers fared relatively better than plants. In 2022, flower exports dropped by 2 per cent to €4.4 billion. The worst hit was the ornamental plant trade reporting a 5 per cent drop to €2.7 billion.

Export sales to Germany and the UK were sluggish.  However, most significantly down were shipments to France (-9 per cent) and Belgium (-8 per cent).

More country-specific data show that the total value of flower and plant exports to Poland in 2022 remained more or less the same, while exports to the USA rebounded.

Inflation forces consumers to ask if they can live without flowers and plants. “Uncertainty will be shaping our future, which is why we have concerns about the year that lies ahead of us,” says VGB’s chief executive Matthijs Mesken.

Watch the FloraFlits video more information on the performance by Dutch flower and plant exporters in 2022. FloraFlits is produced by VGB and Floridata.

Going further back in time, the 2021 financial year was a record-breaking year for Dutch flower and plant exports as they reached €7.3 billion. In the pre corona year of 2019 the market value of Dutch flower and plant exports was € 6.2 billion.

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