Colombia and Mexico take their online plant business to the next level

BOGOTA, Colombia: The Association of Colombian Nurseries, Colviveros, recently announced the launch of the B2B Conecta platform in the context of the first Digital Business Matchmaking Nurseries Forum in Colombia, which was held with the support of the Colombian Ministry of Agriculture between November 12 and 13, 2020.

Jairo Cadavid, president of Colviveros, pointed out that B2B Conecta, the innovative digital business tool created by OPF Mexico three years ago, is a trade platform aimed to create direct links between the supplier and buyer, and it is one of the best option available in the market to develop digital horticultural trade in Colombia. “In this way, suppliers and buyers can easily get in touch with new potential clients, and for this reason we have decided to offer our industry professionals the possibility of holding business meetings, generating access to distribution channels, and prospecting for clients and suppliers in Colombia and in the world,” Cadavid says.

B2B Conecta makes business encounters possible between clients and providers by locating customers through digitally displayed products. Once a customer shows interest in a specific product by clicking on its Contact The Producer button, the business process begins. The parties involved can now generate conversations through an internal chat, send emails, and schedule virtual meetings within the platform itself.

Cadavid notes that thanks to this digital platform his trade association has started connecting producers’ supply and potential demand, so each side of the trade process will get to know the innovations, capabilities, trends and news in the live plant and ornamental segment. “We brought together the nursery segment with suppliers of agro-inputs, new plant varieties and large buyers, with whom we seek to advance and develop negotiations that benefit the sector as a whole. In association with the Colombian Ministry of Agriculture, we have identified new channels with which it is possible to establish not only commercial contacts, but also generate anticipated sales,” says Colviveros’president.

Established in September 2016, Colviveros represents the interests of ornamental plant growers in Colombia, while promoting the development and professionalisation of the ornamental plant industry through education, trade platforms and international trade missions.

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