Brandkamp expands its range of garden mums

ISSELBURG-ANHOLT, Germany: In November 2017 the breeding company Brandkamp presented its new assortment for the chrysanthemum season 2018. In addition to many innovations in cut and pot chrysanthemums, the group of Garden Mums has been further expanded.

Brandkamp attaches particular importance to the breeding of families. All colors of a variety group are consistent in their culture and habitus. This makes it easy for the gardener to achieve an even stock that is ready for sale at the same time. The production of mix pots with several colors in one pot can be produced by the families much easier.

A particularly good example of the success of a variety family is the top group Branfountain. Since its market launch, it has been a successful all-rounder, producing a perfect product for large buckets, small pots, packs and mixing pots. Branfountain is for thrips largely uninteresting.

The Bransound family is an “early bird”, as Brandkamp calls early flowering variety groups. With two new colors, this medium growing family could be extended to 6 colors. The bright “Bransound Magenta” and the expressive “Bransound Dark Orange” are an extension of great color combinations in mix pots. An important advantage of the family is that it is classified as a white rust resistant.

But even single varieties such as “Branpearl” with their beautiful, large pink flower and a mid-early flowering time are added to brandkamp Chrysanthemum assortment.

Like the deep red “Branhell” with flowering week 39/40, the individual varieties close gaps and complement the existing range perfectly.

Bran-Multiflora by Brandkamp are an eyecatcher from summer to late autumn with their rounded growth and bright colors.

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