An invitation to see beyond the plants

Last year, around 5,000 people visited FlowerTrials, with the average seeing between five and six companies.

The best, newest and most inspirational developments in bedding and pot plant breeding are under the spotlight in Week 24 for the 20th annual FlowerTrials open event.

Billed as one of the sector’s most important events, 59 breeders in The Netherlands and Germany will open their doors between 11 and 14 June 2024 to proudly show off what they have been working on behind the scenes. Some plants on display will become best sellers in the future, so seeing them at this early stage in their commercial lives gives growers, buyers, and promoters a strong head start.

Open invitation

“It’s an open invitation to see the widest assortment of breeding achievements and new varieties that will shape the future of horticulture,” says Ann Jennen, Secretary General of Fleuroselect, which coordinates the event. Week 24 is the ideal time of year, and it’s a relaxed atmosphere. If you are a flower lover, beautiful products will surround you… it’s like candy for the eyes.”

Large badges of plants

For breeders, FlowerTrials is a budget-friendly way of exhibiting their portfolio, and there are great advantages for visitors, their customers, and colleagues, too. Because they are hosted in their own glasshouses and growing facilities, plants don’t need to be moved, so they remain in tip-top condition.

Unlike a trade fair where growers are restricted to a small display area, the glasshouses allow large batches of plants to be shown. Visitors can then see numerous plants of one variety rather than just one or two, giving them confidence in the plant’s uniformity and the chance to compare with other varieties. “Some breeders also share facilities,” explains Ann, “so visitors can see multiple companies in one visit.”

Visitors also see growing facilities for themselves and speak to breeders and company representatives, which can lead to new business agreements and friendships. They can also identify trends, see exciting retail solutions, and plan for the future. “It allows them to see beyond the plants,” says Ann.

Purpose-driven plant breeding

Marjolein Kuyucu-Lodder from Florensis, the newly appointed Chair of the FlowerTrials committee, says the trend now is for plants to have a purpose. “It’s not enough for a plant to just be a plant any more. We are seeing consumers wanting drought-tolerant or plants for biodiversity. For example, the breeder companies are now presenting their plants in this way and shaping breeding for the future. FlowerTrials is a good way to get this message to the buyers so they can help tell the story to their consumers.”


Purpose-driven plant breeding. Plants as magnets for pollinators are a good example.

Adding to the companies welcoming visitors for 2024 are Kolster BV, which specialises in hydrangeas and shrubs, and Schreurs, which focuses on pot roses and gerbera. Two breeders are in different places this year, so if you are planning on seeing Schneider BV and Hibreeding, make note that they will be exhibiting at Pinc Plants and KP Holland, respectively.

Online promotion

Increased online coverage will enrich FlowerTrials this year. Before the event, the newest introductions per breeder are promoted via newsletters and photo/video messages on social media. During week 24, a video report of each day is sent out, and after the event, a video compilation and event highlights are shared via social media channels. Fleuroselect is also looking to increase involvement from influencers and bloggers to promote FlowerTrials further and benefit the whole industry.

Planning a visit

Fleuroselect has made visiting the trials accessible and provides a route map on the FlowerTrials website to help with planning. Once registered as a potential visitor, individual appointments don’t need to be made, maximising flexibility on who to visit and when. Last year, around 5,000 people visited FlowerTrials, with the average seeing between five and six companies. “Many visitors make appointments up front, but equally, people living locally can decide last minute if they want to come,” says Marjolein.

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Mark your agenda: 11-14 June 2024

FleuroStar Award

The FleuroStar Award, held during FlowerTrials and announced on Thursday, June 13th, rewards the ultimate ‘wow’ factor at the point of sale and is an excellent early indicator of future commercial success.
Previous winners have been Mandevilla Sundaville Double Blush Pink from MNP/Suntory, Petunia NightSky from Selecta One, and Strawberry Toscana from ABZ, all of which have sold in vast numbers. This year, the finalist plants will be on show at eight FlowerTrials sites, so every visitor will have the opportunity to see them at least once. “The award is given very early on in the plant’s commercial journey and offers visitors a first selection between all new breeding achievements on display,” says Ann Jennen, Secretary General of Fleuroselect.


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